Day - 1 (4th November, 2017)


Managing Diabetes in Low resource setting countries like SAARC”

Speaker: Prof. Dr Sanjib Dhungel, Nepal
Chairpersons: Prof. Amit Varma, Prof. Prhalad Karki, Prof. Sanjib Sharma


Dr.Ravi Kant Young Investigator Award paper presentations

Chairpersons – Prof. Amit Varma, Prof. Prhalad Karki, Prof. Sanjib Sharma

Session 1 - "Women and diabetes" - our right to a healthy futureWORLD DIABETES DAY SLOGAN -2017Session 1- Meet the experts
10:00-10:20An approach to patient with pregnancy in diabetes Dr. Dina Shrestha, NepalNew in Diabetes: 2016-2017 Clinical Practice Guidelines"- Prof. Pradeep Shrestha, Nepal
10:20-10:40Controverises in GDM screening Dr. Bharati Kalra, India What after Metformin?- oldie but goodie Prof. M.A Hasant , Bangladesh
10:40-11:00Insulin vs Non insulin therapy of GDM Dr. Mohan Regmi, NepalCurrent Status of DDPIV inhibitors Prof. Dr. Amit Varma
Session 2Symposium-" Insulin""Diabetes and Heart"
11:00-11:20Early insulin use in type 2 diabetes revers the beta cell dysfunction " Dr. Jyoti Bhattarai, NepalReflection on the CVOT Diabetes landscape Prof. Sanjib K Sharma, Nepal
11:20-11:40Optimal insulin regimens in type 2 diabetes mellitus: Systematic review and meta- analyses Dr. Jyotirmoy Pal, India Management of cardiac patients in diabetes-How it difer? Dr. Chandra Mani Adhikari, Nepal
11:40:12:00IInsulin-OHA combinaiton regimens in type 2 Diabetes Therapy.... Which is the best one? Dr. J.K. Mokta , IndiaRole of PCSK-9 inhibitors in diabetic dyslipidiemia Dr. Divya Dixit, USA
Session 3"Diabetes and Eyes""Diabetes and Kidney"
2:00-2:20Diabetes and Eye disease-connecting the links , Dr. Poonam Lavaju, NepalCKD AND OAD: mx of hyper and hypoglycemia, Dr. Dhiraj Manandhar, Nepal
2:20-2:40Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetic Eye Disease, Dr. Shailesh Pokhrel, NepalNew onset diabetes after Transplant (NODAT), Dr.Alok Kumar, India
Session 4- Diabetes and Co-morbidities"Diabetic Neuropathy, Ulcers & Ischaemia"
3:00-3:20Diabetes and Depression Dr. Dhana Ratna Shakya, NepalManaging Diabetic Neuropathy Dr. Lekjung Thapa ,Nepal
3:20-3:40Diabetes and Infections Dr. Vivek Kattel, NepalDiabetic foot & peripheral vascular disease Dr. Sandeep Raj Pandey ,Nepal
3:40-4:00Diabetes and Dental Disorders Dr. Prabhat Pokhrel, NepalNew Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Dr. Nitin Ranjan Gupta ,India
Session 5- "Debate: SGLT2i+ DPP4i is better than GLP1-ra"" Lipids targets in patients with diabetes-HDL vs Non HDL"
4:00-4:20YES Dr. Sanjay Kalra, IndiaYES Dr. Nitin Ranjan Gupta, India
4:20-4:40No Dr. Ajay Pradhan, NepalNO Dr. Robin Maskey, Nepal
4:40-5:00 Discussion and conclusion All ParticipantsDiscussion and conclusion All participants ,

Day - 2 (5th November, 2017)


Dr. Ravi Kant Young Investigator Award paper presentations-I & II (Parallel sessions)

Chairpersons –Prof. Nihal Thomas, Prof. Dr. A Murugnathan, Prof. Jamal Ahmad

Session 1 - Meet The Experts: Plenary Session"Co- morbidities"
9:00-9:20"Diabetes in the Young in the Indian Subcontinent- a clinically different entity" Prof. Nihal Thomas , IndiaDiabetes Emergencies, Dr. Shekar Chakrobaty , India
9:20-9:40Diabetes and elderly, Prof. Jamal Ahamad, IndiaDiabetes and Osteoporosis, Dr. Binit Vaidya, Nepal
9:40-10:00Immunization Protocols in Type 2 Diabetes-Case based approach, Prof. Dr. A Murugnathan, IndiaRecognizing type 2 diabetes in pediatric age group, Prof. Nisha Bhattarai, , Nepal
Session 2 "Diabetes and Liver" "Diabetes and Lung"
11:00-11:20NAFLD and diabetes- diabetic hepatopathy, Prof. Bikram Pradhan, NepalDiabetics lungs: Controversies, complexity and current concepts Prof. Narendra Bhatta , Nepal
11:20-11:40Role of gut microbota and diabetes, Dr. Mariam Seisafi, SwiterzlandOSA and diabetes, Dr. Subodh Dhakal , Nepal
11:40:12:00Choice of OHA in Diabetes and Liver Disease, Dr. Dennis Piyush, NepalTB and Diabetes, Dr. Ravi Kant , India
Session 3 Diabetes and Co Morbidities" ELILY SYMPOSIUM"
2:00-2:20Diabetes and Thyroid, Dr.Robin Maskey, NepalNewer Insulin: A critical appraisal, Dr. Ansumali Joshi , Nepal
2:20-2:40Management of Chronic Heart Failure in Type 2 DM , Dr.Lava N JoshiInpatient Hypergylcemia Management, Dr. Bhuwenswar Yadav , Nepal
2:40-3:00Diabetes and Sexual dysfunction, Dr. Sudhir Singh, NepalIDF Life for a child -Insulin Therapy in children, Dr. Lokraj Shah , Nepal
Session 4- Diabetic Foot Workhop"MEDTRONIC SYMPOSIUM" Insulin Pump Workshop
3:00-4:00How to set up Diabetic foot clinic? Dr. Vijay Viswanathan ,IndiaInsulin pumps their role in diabetes, Prof. Mimi Giri , Nepal