One applicant can submit a maximum of two abstracts. *Please underline the name of the presenter.

Please indicate the type of presentation (oral/ poster). However, the committee will have full right to decide regarding the type of presentation as per the standard of the paper and space availability.

  • The abstract should contain the essence of the whole paper and should stand-alone.
  • Be clear and concise and avoid unnecessary detail giving your paper a distinct Personality.
  • Avoid excessive adjectives and noun strings.
  • Do not use abbreviation in abstract
  • Word limit: 250 words
  • Begin with the subject of the study
  • Complete title of the article
  • Structured abstract - into following sub groups
  • Background and Aims
  • Methods (study type/design, sample number, time and place)
  • Results (include most important results only)
  • Conclusion
  • Keywords:
    • 5 words, separated by semicolons
    • Use Keywords from MeSH index. (
The scientific committee will try to accommodate your presentation as far as possible; however decision of the committee will be final.

We look forward to receiving your valuable manuscripts at the earliest. Please send the abstract and/or queries to:

Dr. Rabin Bhandari
Dr. Pramendra Gupta
Dr. Debbya Raj Mishra
Dr. Sunil Jirel
Dr. Ojaswi Sherchan
Dr. Prasnna Acharya
Dr. Abhishek Bhandari
Dr. Puru Koirala
Dr. Denis Piyush
Dr. Lokraj Shah
Dr. Tirtha Lal Upadhya
Dr. Madhav Parajuli
Dr. Prashant Mani Tripathi
Dr. Nishant Bhurtel
Dr. Apeksha Niraula
Dr. Sushil Dhakal
Dr. Richa Nepal
Dr. Den Acharya
Dr. Sonai Giri
Dr. Purbesh Adhikari
Dr. Om Arjun
Dr. Shivam Gupta
Dr. Dinesh Upreti
Dr. Pradeep Neupane
Dr. Pradeep mandal
Dr. Jousline Kishore Branwal
Dr. Shanatanu Mall